How long does DMAA (1,3 – dimethylamylamine) stay in your system?

I’m going to the Military Recruitment station in a week to sign up for the Air Force and have recently found out that the ingredient 1,3 dimethylamylamine within the pre-work out energy drink called Jack3d has a chance to give a false positive for methamphetamines. I’ve been doing research and finding that it takes roughly 3 days before it leaves your system for a urine test and I am wondering if that is correct.

I am aware of the heat that the FDA has put onto the product company, but the tub of Jack3d I have is from a few months ago. I was not aware of the military ban on the product and that the false positive was possible until yesterday.

Note: The last time I used it was Sunday May 27th, and my drug test will be on Monday June 4th.

I also took an at home drug test this morning and it showed that I was negative for any drugs in my urine.



  1. Dale
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    I do not know if your trying to mask it or the military is much different. But even in amateur sporting Methylhexaneamine is a banned ingredient. Forget the false positive the drink itself is probably banned. It causes false positives because it is an actual ingredient in some party drugs aka its not false its real you were just misinformed. But yes 3-4 days.
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    given it’s short half life it should only last about 3 days in one’s system. naringin is sometimes used in products to help extend the half-life; in an instance like that I’m not sure on how long it would take to clear out of anybody’s system.

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